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We know how important trust is...

When you are choosing someone to work on your face, or indeed any part of your body, trust is vital.

Marie Beacham - Aesthetics Practitioner BAPA, MGBT, MABT, MAHH, MIPHM, MIAEBP, IAPH (Acc) D.Hyp.
Marie Beacham - Aesthetics Practitioner BAPA, MGBT, MABT, MAHH, MIPHM, MIAEBP, IAPH (Acc) D.Hyp.

You need to know that you are working with someone experienced & qualified.

Trusting that person means that you will be relaxed during treatment, and will be able to enjoy the experience, rather than being stressed, tense & worried.

While a good aesthetician will ask you plenty of questions on your first visit, it’s also important for you to ask a few of your own. Ask questions about the various treatments you are interested in, especially those you plan on having done.

Check out Google & Social Media for reviews, customer comments & photos. These are a good indication of the reputation of the Aesthetician. People are 10x more likely to complain that compliment, so good reviews are normally from extremely happy customers who feel compelled to share the benefits of their experience with others.

The saying is 'people buy people' and you are much more likely to be able to work with someone who understands you and you can connect with. The relationship should always stay professional, but you should be made to feel welcome, valued as a customer and most importantly have total confidence in your Aesthetician.

At Aesthetics & Beauty we provide Celebrity Quality treatments at High Street prices, ensuring your star shines brightly 🤩

Treatments are carried out in our peaceful Eastbourne clinic, after a free consultation & assessment, including the completion of a health questionnaire. Your treatment plan will be determined according to your skin condition, your general health and the results you desire.

Enjoy an exclusive, relaxing experience, in our private, quiet Laser, Skin & Beauty Clinic in Old Town, Eastbourne, East Sussex.



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